Human Resources

Web based Software Solution for Human Resource Management of Large Organizations

e-HRMS system is a comprehensive web based Human Resource Management System which covers complete HR activity cycle. It is a flexible and configurable system, which solves the problem of scalability in large and growing organizations.

e-HRMS increases efficiency of HR processes of various industries like manufacturing, service industry by bringing speed and transparency in the information flow and hence supports the crucial organization asset- Human Resource.

e-HRMS Benefits:

  • Simplified HR-Admin Operations: e-HRMS reduces the huge bulk of paper work to be done by the HR department. There is a less duplication of work to be done for filling out forms and reports in the organization.
  • Better Automated Control: Using e-HRMS the HR department can get directly from the system allowing them to maintain information about employees without interfering too much into their daily routines. It reduces duplication and saves valuable time and resources.
  • Online System to provide mobility: As the system is completely web based. The employees, who are on tour, can provide or gather information from the online Employee Self Service Module. The information is automatically forwarded for approval, to higher level of authority who can gather them using the Management Self Service Module.
  • Boost employee productivity and skills: Training programs can be arranged and feedback obtained through training program can be stored. The MBO Appraisal Model allows managers and team leaders with accurate decision support system for the improvement of the organization.
  • User Friendly System: The Application front end is designed very simple and user friendly. System provides help on every form. System is showing rules and validation details while entering data. This reduces implementation time and system will be used effectively by normal users.
  • Easy Configuration: It is possible to configure the system as per rules/ policies of organization. Flexibility of attendance parameters, leave type and rules, earning type and deductions, approval hierarchy, user rights, performance parameters / criteria, etc can be set as per company's norms.
  • Post Installation Support – Constant support is provided by team of professionals within short turn around time to make client understand of any inexplicable matters and also shore up to deal with any complex or exceptional cases.
Some Distinct Industry Specific Features.

Unique features adjoined for Service Sector:

  • Branch wise attendance and salary administration and report generation
  • Automated stagnation limits handling for banking sector
  • DA calculation as per IBA norms
  • State wise Professional tax structure
  • Employee classification wise Pay scale definition and increment
  • Specific Shift allocation for hospital industries

Unique features adjoined for manufacturing unit:

  • Various reports like Form 18, Form 22, I-Card Register, salary register as per Factory Act
  • Shift management and compensation management for continuous working plants
  • Auto prepared Statutory PF-ESIC forms along with online return facility
  • Employee accident management
  • Separate attendance and salary parameters for technical and non-technical employees

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