School and College management

eduSmart is a web/Cloud base for School or any Institute Management Solution

eduSmart is a Software for School /Institute Management System that helps to maintain all work of a Institute ,increase efficiency and decrease paper work. It contain user friendly interface with easy navigation makes it easy to use for everyone. We are providing cloud base and server base (at your Location) ,You don’t need of any server or any high configuration system for maintaining our software when it is web/cloud base system. Anyone with the basic knowledge in computer system can operate it without any technical skills.

Our key Features which we covers are as under:-

  • Easy Student Registration activity
  • Completely rights based system,
  • We can maintain data for students as under
    1. Location
    2. Course
    3. Batch semester
    4. Division/section
    5. Roll number
    6. Registration number
    7. Religion
    8. City,State
    9. Category wise(sc/st/gen/obc/PH/others)
    10. Sponsor type wise
    11. % in 10th
    12. Educational qualification
    13. Long term/Short term course
    14. Gender
    15. DOB wise
    16. Work Experience
  • Eligibility criteria on the bases of Course, category, age and 10th percentage and can be set, Based on that auto selection of student based on above eligibility criterion.
  • Manages all type of Fees structure.
  • Semester wise week off can be defined in the system.
  • Semester wise subject binding can be done.
  • Time table can be made for a course wise, batch wise, semester wise and division/section wise.
  • Shift can be defined into system along with lunch or break time and number of total number of lectures.
  • Lecturers can be bound with subjects and number of lectures in a week can also be assigned and based on that at the time of time table making it will prompt us whether total number of lectures are already assigned or not.
  • Time table can be made semester wise, and can be made for a week, along with week off.
  • At the time of time table making all lecturers of any specific subject will be available with already assigned lecture details and user can assign it to anyone.
  • Once Time table created for one week can be extended to next 1 month or more considering week offs and holiday defined for that semester.
  • Time table once created can be over ruled by user before saving it finally. Time once generated is given a number to track it. In report for time table holiday is shown with dates and with name say for example HOLI. Vacation can be defined semester wise and will be automatically considered at the time of time table making. One lecturer cannot be given more than assigned number of lectures in a week.
  • Same lecturer cannot be assigned to a lecture at the same time on same date.

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